Our Craft

"Classic" Koorey Creations are the designs that have been born straight from the Koorey Family. They are the highest standard custom we can personally provide. These designs were created to move beyond industry standards of jewelry making in every way and they are the designs that make us famous! After three generations of jewelry making, they are, forgive the pun, the gold standard of jewelry design in our stores.

  • What Makes"Classic" Koorey Creations Designs Unique?

Simplicity: We try to create a design that allows the center gem the chance to shine. The design is the servant of the center. Harmony between the two is essential.

Sculptural: Many of our pieces are like mini-sculptures. We take the time to give these pieces more art dimension and presence. They take more time, but are worth it!

Edgeless Design: This concept was born out of the need for comfort and form. We round most edges for a physically and visually sensual result. This usually requires more metal.

Anatomic Fit: In partnership with "Edgeless Design" this fit is suited to how the human hand is made. We developed this style of fitting to encourage maximum physical enjoyment of our rings.

Low Maintenance: In classic designs we try to use methods of setting that require less maintenance, such as channels and flush settings. We also bolster the bottom of the ring where the shank wears away more quickly. All this with the thought in mind that our customers would prefer to spend their money on the next piece of Koorey Creations Art over a repair!

Attention to Detail: The time spent in Classic Designs has taught us that we must pay attention to the details. This attitude has promoted the same search for excellence in our support accessories, such as chains, earrings and bracelets. If the item is in our store it has been examined by our goldsmiths for reliability and function before it is presented for sale. Our customers seem to appreciate this policy.

Lost Wax Casting/Hand Fabrication

At Koorey Creations you will see jewelry made using Lost Wax Casting and hand fabrication techniques, both time honored traditions in jewelry making.

Lost Wax Casting is a process by which a metal (such as gold, silver, brass or bronze) sculpture is cast from an artist's model, usually made of wax. In this process a mold is created when the wax model is encased in a heat-proof mold material and melted away, leaving a hollow core that can be filled with molten metal. Carving, casting and finishing a piece of jewelry using this technique usually takes 8-10 hours, but some pieces with intricate designs could take up to 50 hours.

Hand fabrication involves creating a piece of jewelry by assembling preformed metal sheet, wire and bar stock. Individual pieces are welded and soldered together using a torch. The time involved to create a hand-fabricated piece of jewelry depends on the design complexity.

Both Lost Wax Casting and hand fabrication techniques are sometimes used on a single piece of jewelry.

The Lost Wax Method of creating jewelry, from start to finished piece.


Grace Koorey

Grace Koorey, Third Generation Goldsmith