Masterworks Collection

These artful pieces are best described as specialty creations, with a feature that moves them beyond the boundaries of extraordinary. They represent the mastery of skill that our goldsmiths strive to reach with each piece. These pieces are for the serious art jewelry collectors.

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Koorey Creations


“Blue Heaven” Ladies Ring


Tanzanite, 9.98cts

Designer Remarks:

This spectacular 9.98 carat Tanzanite was cut by William Day, the number one cutter of Tanzanite in the world, before retiring. Day was a master at cutting to the blue axis of Tanzanite, and in this piece he accomplishes perfection. The setting, an 18k yellow gold suspended channel, allows light from above and below, and captures the true color of this natural beauty. The size of this stone is impressive, complimented by the comfort and beauty of the anatomic fit.