Welcome to our New Designs Showcase Page

The purpose of this page is to showcase Koorey Creations' wonderful new designs. For your shopping convenience, we have added pricing on these pieces. We are not a company that is "internet competitive" on pricing overall, as our process is custom, labor intensive and quality manufacture. Because of this, our website is geared primarily for customer convenience for existing KC customers. And, for those who would like to consider us for future purchases or are in need of more information.

Currently, we operate two retail facilities, and prefer the Personal Touch whenever possible. Even so, we offer this page to our regular shoppers that have requested more frequent updates on new designs and enjoy the web experience when a physical visit is not possible.

PRODUCT NOTES: Ring sales generally include free sizing within 2 sizes up or down. We show chains for sale on the Pendants page, and can provide pricing for the length you need at the point of sale. We ask that you visit the Path to Purchase page to contact us with general or purchasing questions – we're always happy to assist you. All items come with a complete appraisal (2 copies), photographs, and in some cases, a Koorey Creations Authenticity Report with notes about the Koorey Creation family of artists. Care instructions will be included with any colored gemstone purchase, as well as noting any enhancement on the gemstone itself.

Contact us to inquire about a piece and purchase. Or call (269) 857-8050.