Rings & Sets

Our versatile ring collection accentuates each customer’s originality with jewelry pieces that are unique, classic and fashionable through time.

Koorey CreationsThis logo indicates Koorey Creations original lost wax cast, hand-crafted jewelry. For more information on this process click here.

Hand-Fabricated Jewely This logo indicates a hand-fabricated jewelry piece created by a Koorey family member or an artist they represent. For more information click here.

Accessory Jewelry PiecesThese pieces are endorsed by the Koorey family for design excellence, durability and quality but are manufactured by others.

Many items shown are in our inventory. Some pieces are "Signature Koorey Designs" and can be reproduced with different stones. These pieces can be custom ordered. Click here to fill out an "Inquiry Form" for this item.


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Sets & Combinations