Store Hours & Events

During July our store will be open daily from 11am-5pm. We will be closed on Wednesdays.

If you plan to visit Koorey Creations in the near future these are the notices and instructions we have posted for a safe visit:



During scheduled hours, due to our social distancing limitations, the door will remain locked, we will let you in personally, when we are able.

Feel free to take a seat on our reserved benches until the a customer leaves. Or call and leave a message, we will call you back ASAP to schedule a  “Day Visit” later in the day or at another time. While you are waiting, please read our safe-entry procedures below for admittance.

Call 269-857-8050 to schedule a “Day Visit”.

Contact Info

104 Hoffman St., Saugatuck, MI 49453
269-857-8050 or

Jewelry The Secret Time Traveler

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